MedMagLabs stands for Medicinal Maggot Laboratories. We are a startup organisation with the mission to deliver limb- and life-saving maggot-assisted wound care to anyone in need, anywhere.

MedMagLabs is concerned with innovations in medicinal maggot and maggot therapy supply chain management. Since supply chain management takes a holistic approach our work is necessarily broad and includes innovations in production and distribution of medicinal maggots, and clinical integration of maggot therapy.

MedMagLabs was founded in 2019 as a research lab, hosted by the School of Medicine and Dentistry at Griffith University. Our work was generously supported by Creating Hope in Conflict: A Humanitarian Grand Challenge and focused on the delivery of solutions for the production of medicinal maggots and maggot therapy in conflict-affected communities. For outcomes of this project please visit our project page Creating Hope In Conflict.

MedMagLabs is now an impact-driven, for-purpose, for-profit enterprise and a Similitude Pty Ltd business.

If you like to learn more about our services and how we can help deliver sustainable wound care solutions with you and for you, please contact us any time.

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