Maggot therapy for the world

Maggot therapy is the application of living fly larvae to wounds that don’t heal, contain dead tissue, or are infected. Applied to the wound, maggots perform three important therapeutic functions as they:




Maggot therapy is the only wound care therapy that provides all three of these therapeutic benefits in one low-tech treatment. Moreover, maggot therapy is affordable to patients in high- and low-resource healthcare settings alike. It can provide limb- and life-saving care in times of conflict, disaster, and in poverty where there are few healthcare workers and insufficient wound care supplies.

We want to give every patient access to maggot therapy no matter where. To do this we deliver the necessary supply chain innovations that ensure the production of high-quality medicinal maggots, their timely transport to the point of care, and the training for healthcare providers, even in the most compromised healthcare settings.

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